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What Happens When Someone Dies Without Leaving A Will?

a last will and testament documentWhile it is not obligatory by law to prepare a will, making one is easy, and can save a person’s family and friends from many bureaucratic problems in the event of sudden death.

A will can be prepared without the help of a solicitor, but most people are advised to consult their solicitor before drafting it. After all, only a solicitor can make the document legally binding. If a person dies without leaving a will behind, a probate solicitors in Portsmouth, such as Andrew and Andrew Solicitors Limited, can take care of the formalities and complex arrangement of the deceased’s estate.

Common Problems and How A Probate Solicitors In Portsmouth Can Help

By not preparing a will, someone can cause many difficulties to those left behind. For starters, a spouse or next of kin can be uncertain about the presence of a will, and they may have to spend time and money on searching for one. If there is no legal will, the law can give them the right to deal with the estate, but it can take time. If there is joint ownership, then a spouse can apply for a probate without having to undergo a court procedure.

If there is a will, the next of kin can apply for probate, a process that is faster and easier to follow. In some cases, probate is guaranteed to the next of kin (whether a spouse or someone else) via the will.

In the absence of a legally certified will, there is also the possibility that the next of kin will have to pay inheritance tax before having access to any of the assets that belonged to the deceased. This can cause financial strain, though a probate solicitors in Portsmouth may be able to help speed up the process.

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Finding A Probate Solicitor

If the deceased died without an estate will or there are doubts about an existing will, then consulting a probate solicitors in Portsmouth is the best thing to do. Not only will they settle complex financial arrangements such as assets held in a trust, but also they will work to a client’s overall advantage.