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NY Life: Phone Numbers You Have to Save in Your Mobile

Woman dialing in using a phoneNew York is quite possibly the busiest city in the world and managing to live in this bustling metro is quite the achievement. If you’re new in New York, here’s what you should know.

New York Lawyer

Whether you need a personal injury lawyer or a family lawyer, make sure you’ve got a firm’s number on your phone or at least, the name of good lawyers from which to choose from. It depends on what service you need, but it helps to have a starting point. New York – despite the friendliness depicted in movies – is a convoluted city and having the right representation for practically anything is crucial.


You might have a system for making sure you have your keys with you at all times – but there’s no harm in having a backup plan. Whether it’s the keys to your house, your car, or your locker – it would greatly help to already have the number of a 24-hour locksmith on your phone. Ask your neighbors about which ones they use.

A Colleague’s Number

Be friendly with one or two people in your office because they could be the ticket to certain problems. You might leave something at the office or need them to deliver a message to the boss. On the flipside, you might also want to get your neighbor’s number for instances when you’ve forgotten something at home.

Insurance and Credit Card Hotlines

When you’ve just emerged from an accident, do you want to scramble through your documents just to find the hotline for reportorial purposes? Of course not! Having these numbers already on your mobile guarantees you won’t have to worry about the rescription of your claim.

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Of course, those are just some of the numbers you need on your phone even before there’s a need for them. Remember – forewarned is forearmed.