Before the resort real estate depression, there was a broad concensus that shared ownership companies were allocating a significant portion of their sales revenue to marketing and sales expenses without clearly understanding what actually “worked.”  

With things improving, this article in Perspective Magazine explains simply and concisely how the industry can get a handle on the ROI of marketing dollars:

  • Get real – your customers are looking at your website no matter how you initially contacted them
  • Take advantage of this fact and realize efficiencies by integrating website analytics into a campaign plan
  • Manage your lead generation efforts across all channels so that they yield actual information that helps you identify both the hits and misses

The author, Steve Tassler, gets into more detail as to strategies that will help timeshare and fractional developers manage cash flows and budgets through the sales process.  However, developers should also consider how the suggested techniques can yield management efficiencies after the customer becomes an owner. Nothing like stretching the useful life of an investment.