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Legal US Immigration Status: 3 Ways You Can Achieve the Status Quo

Immigration formThere are various categories of people living and working in the US. These include non-immigrants like tourists and students, permanent immigrants, US citizens and undocumented residents. While the undocumented are in the country illegally, the other statuses are legal.

There are various legal ways you can also immigrate or invite others to the US. You should, however, involve an immigration attorney based in Utah County through all steps of your application since the law governing immigration is quite complicated.

As shared to us by Buhlerlawoffice.com, here are some ways you can immigrate to the US legally.

Employment-Based Immigration

Employers are now aiming for a diversified workforce and working abroad is now a reality. The US immigration law allows the recruitment of both temporary and permanent workers. There are different work visa categories for this depending on your occupation and other factors.

You can benefit from employment-based immigration from the 140,000 annual visas offered by the US government for permanent workers.

Family-Based Immigration

This immigration permits lawful permanent residents and US citizens to request the government to consent to specific family members joining them in the US. There is no particular number of minor children, parents, and spouses you can petition for.

For other family members, the government issues 480,000 visas annually. On arrival under family-based immigration, the immigrant can then apply through consular processing for permanent resident status.

Humanitarian Immigration

This is for refugees and asylum seekers. While visa applications for refugees are filed from other countries, asylum visas are sought by people already in the US.

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All asylum seekers need to apply for humanitarian immigration within a year of coming to the US failure to which they might be automatically dismissed.

Living and working in the US need not be a dream anymore with the above options. Get an immigration lawyer to kick-start the immigration journey for you or your family members today. The opportunities that await you in the US are incomparable.