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Joint Custody: 5 Ways to Make it Work

Little boy being carried by his fatherSharing child custody isn’t easy, especially when it means dealing with your ex-spouse regularly. However, it is important to make joint custody work to help your child get over the divorce and to ensure that he or she grows up well. Here are some tips to help you out.

Respect your ex-spouse​

It’s common to keep grudges after a divorce, but letting emotions get in the way will only make matters worse. Let go of negative associations and respect your ex-spouse. A healthy relationship with your ex-partner will make joint custody easier not only for you but for your child, as well.

Keep communication lines open​

Communication is essential in co-parenting. Coordinate schedules and communicate updates and issues regarding your child to keep your ex-spouse in the loop. Never use your child as a messenger as this may only confuse him or her and affect your situation. Discuss a medium that works best for you and commit to that line of communication.

Create a realistic custody arrangement​

With a lawyer as a witness, you and your ex-partner should discuss a custody arrangement that works best for both parties. According to lawyers in Lewis & Matthews, P.C. is a complex, tricky issue that parents should work out for the welfare of their child. Develop a custody arrangement that accommodates your child’s age, activities, and interests as well as your career and social commitments.

Follow visitation schedules​

Never break visitation schedules unless your ex-partner agrees to the change. Commit to your custody arrangement and plan visitation dates, in advance. If your child is still attending school, consider a Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday schedule to prevent confusion and to make the switch easier for your kid.

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Don’t get into a serious relationship right away ​

There’s nothing wrong with dating after divorce. However, when joint custody is involved, it’s best not to enter a serious relationship right away. Involving another party may affect the situation and confuse your child. Focus on your kid first until he or she reaches the right age to fully understand the situation.

Remember that in a custody agreement, it’s always about your child’s well-being. Raise him or her to be a healthy and happy kid by committing to a collaborative joint custody.