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Getting Through the Rough Patch: The Emotional Stages of Divorce

Couple going through a divorceThe choice to end your relationship can be chaotic, traumatic and you will most likely experience contradictory emotions. As soon as you get everything settled with a divorce lawyer in Long Island, better prepare yourself for the emotional stages to follow.

Acting on the Decision to Divorce

During this stage, the legal process of divorce will begin. The both of you will have to face physical and emotional separation, announce your decision to your loved ones and try to redefine oneself without the other. Your overall feelings will revolve around histrionics, blame, fear, guilt, panic and traumatized. You’ll then have to set the tone for the process by seeking legal counsel and establishing legal precedent, including your home, children and support.

Afterward, you’d have to select sides and split the loyalties of families and friends. When your kids do find out about your decision, prepare for their response and determine how you can make them understand the situation. They will most likely feel like they are responsible for your choices and will try to get you back together.

Growing Acceptance

The feelings of acceptance will start to develop either during or after the divorce process. You’ll have to make physical and emotional adjustments, and accept that your marriage wasn’t fulfilling or happy. This is the time when you’ll regain a sense of control and power. You will even discover new resources and talents, as well as, create a new identity.

This is the phase wherein you will anticipate and plan for your future. You will even have a more improved mood for you’ll feel excited that you have the chance to start over at life.  

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The emotional phases of ending a relationship above serve to help you survive the emotional dilemma of a failed relationship. This will also guide you throughout the process of personal healing.