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Ease the Impact of Your Divorce on Children: Two Important Pieces of Advice

Couple that seems to be problematicMany divorcing couples tend to delve into their pain, ignoring the devastating effect their fights have on their children. Unfortunately, these negative effects often linger long after childhood has passed and they are all grown.

Kids react differently to the news that their parents are going through a divorce. While their reactions vary depending on their age and personality, anger, worry, frustrations, and anxiety are quite widespread. Top child support attorneys in Marysville will agree.

Research shows that younger children cope better with their parents’ separation than the older ones, especially teenagers. Hence, it is of great importance to break the news to your children in a gentle manner that fits their age and maturity level.

Don’t sling it out.

Regardless of the amount of pain and betrayal you might be feeling at the time of separation, don’t let it play out in front of the kids. Intense arguments, bitter conversations, and yelling fights have profound negative effects on children.

Physical and verbal aggression between parents leads to emotional maladjustments. Such children are predisposed toward anxiety and depression later in life. For the best result, both parents should break the news to the children.

Explain to the best of your ability the reasons for the separation. Make it clear to the kids that they are not in any way responsible for the divorce.

Don’t prolong the court proceedings.

While it is hard to hear this, you should not drag out the divorce proceedings to get back at your spouse. You are better off getting on with and move on with life. The sooner you can get it done, the sooner you can get on with the healing process.

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Just be sure that you understand the terms of the separation and retain the services of a credible lawyer to help you. The last thing you need is to get a raw deal that would force you to seek a court redress, especially in matters relating to child support.

While going through a divorce is painful, the effects are rather devastating for the children. Hence, you should make every effort to keep the process civil to avoid causing them more pain and suffering.