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Divorce in Australia: What You Need to Know about Your Rights

A guy filing a divorceCompared with many other Western countries with a divorce rate of around 50%, wedded Australians have greater resiliency, with only about a third of marriages ending in divorce. Although this is still a concerning number, the good news is that the figures have since dropped considerably from the 90s.

This does not mean that you would have to continue living a married life just because you want to avoid becoming part of the statistics. There are different reasons why it is better to have your marriage dissolved, especially when it is already your health, safety, and overall well-being on the line.

Knowing your rights

Marriage dissolution is no doubt a difficult process filled with negative emotions, whether feeling of hurt, anger, rejection, or neglect. And while it is indeed a difficult time, especially when it comes to coping, knowing what your rights can help.

You will find highly qualified and experienced divorce lawyers in Townsville who will not just assist you with the process of filing, but throughout the proceedings itself. With the help of a legal professional, you can protect your rights better, especially when it comes to your children.

Serving the divorce

You have every right to formally serve your spouse with a divorce application, whether he or she is in Australia or outside of the country. You can also apply for a divorce in Australia even when the marriage itself took place in another country.

If your spouse started the proceedings, then you do not have to pay for the process. However, there is no legal way to halt a divorce once you and your partner have already separated. But, it is also your right to file a “Response” if your spouse made untruthful claims about you and your marriage.

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Your divorce lawyer can and should assist you in such situations, which can add even more emotional burden to what you are already experiencing.