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Divorce Diaries: Other Key Concerns to Look into When Filing

Couple in a quarrelThere are cases when legal issues arise after a divorce. The headaches might not be over for you, but soon enough you’ll get through it with the help of a competent divorce lawyer.

Divorce attorneys must have an extensive background on family law. They’re not just concerned about filing for a divorce, but they also look into the legal concerns faced by the domestically related people who are affected by the process. Here are two of the most common legal issues and concepts you might meet along the way:

Spousal Support

Spousal support, also known as alimony, pertains to the money a spouse must give to the other party once their divorce is approved by the court. This amount should serve as a financial support given to the spouse as they legally end their marriage. Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. and other divorce lawyers in Utah reminds that the amount of spousal support varies. Some factors include how financially well-off the spouses are and how long they have been together as a married couple. The jurisdiction that they are in and the local statutes are key concerns in determining spousal support.

The Best Interest of the Child

Divorce is not just about a troubled married couple who can no longer patch things up. Their children must also be considered as part of the equation. This is where the issues of child custody and support enter the picture.

Child custody means the court must find the best setup for each child, thus the concept of “the best interests of the child.” To determine it, the court looks at the parents’ financial stability and lifestyle. While shared rights and flexible custody settings are often set by the court, it’s usually the parent who’s more capable of rearing the child that is given the custodial right.

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The non-custodial parent still has legal responsibilities to the child. They must regularly provide financial assistance, which is known as child support. Likewise, the court determines the amount of child support to be paid based on different measures and the applicable statutes and jurisdiction.

The complexity of divorce and the laws that cover it can be quite overwhelming. With an experienced divorce lawyer at your side though, things would run smoothly and successfully.