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Different Types of Damages for Accidents and Injuries

A red emergency sign at the entrance of a hospitalCar accidents may cause injuries to both parties; in Washington State, a person must prove that the other was ‘at fault’ to claim damages from the injury that resulted from it. The state follows the pure comparative negligence law wherein an injured person may at least claim some damages.

There are different types of damages, categorized broadly as economic and non-economic. Here are some of the forms for one’s reference.

Medical Expenses

Car accidents may result in minor injuries such as bruises and cuts, to major ones such as broken or even severed limbs, or paralysis and permanent disability. In some cases, the injuries a person incurred may not initially show any signs and symptoms but may need a further medical examination to determine its extent.

Some of the medical expenses one may incur from car accidents include but not limited to:

1. Ambulance fees

2. Consultations with experts and doctors

3. Permanent disability

4. Accessories like pads and crutches

5. Disfigurement

6. Therapy sessions for physical and cognitive damages

7. Services at home

Doctors and professionals in the healthcare industry may assist people who are looking for estimates of medical expenses. Consult with a personal injury attorney in Marysville to determine the legal course of action.

Loss of Earnings

After an accident, a person may lose their capacity to work. This may also cover the loss of earnings because of therapy sessions, hospitalization, disfigurement, immobility or other factors that may result in lost wages. However, before one can make a claim, they must prove the injuries prevent them from working and earning in the future.

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Emotional Distress

Personal injuries caused by car accidents may be more than physical; one other possible claim one can make is to emotional distress. However, a plaintiff must prove and show the manifestations of the distress. In some cases, one can make a similar claim if a person subjects a plaintiff to outrageous conduct.

These are some of the damages one can make a claim on after injuries caused by a car accident. Know your rights by consulting with your lawyer on what steps to take.