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Colorado Child Custody: Know the Basics

A gavel and colourful letters regarding child-custody and family-law conceptThe truth is out. No matter how you both tried, you know your spousal relationship has ended. It is time to get a divorce. However, while that process is challenging, adding to the complexity is the children’s custody. Who gets the responsibility of raising the children?

If you are living in Colorado, here are the basics you need to know:

There is no such thing as “custody” anymore

In 1999, the state had officially rejected the concept of “custody” and now adopts “parental responsibilities.” It consists of two important factors: decision-making duties and parenting time.

Parenting time refers to how much time the child spends with each of the parents. Decision-making, meanwhile, stresses both parents would have an opinion or the power to decide for the children.

A child custody lawyer here in Colorado Springs can best explain to you the fine details of this shift in policy.

The court will always make the best interest of the child a priority

Because of this, the state does not have any legal limit when the children can choose between parents, although it usually happens when they are 12 or 13. At this age, they are more mature to form their own preference or opinion.

Although decision-making responsibilities are joint, the court may provide it to only one parent if the other is proven abusive to the former partner and the children.

The process can be time-consuming and even result in serious consequences

Any child custody battle is difficult financially, emotionally, and physically. In Colorado, you need to not only submit mandatory documents but also follow agreements such as the parenting plan. Otherwise, violations, whether deliberate or not, can send you to jail with no bail.

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It is always wise to choose your attorney properly. Find an expert child custody lawyer who will guide you through the whole process. In fact, the firm can represent you so you and your children may not have to appear in court all the time.

Divorce is never easy, but you can make it more bearable by knowing the laws and getting the right assistance from professionals.