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About Us

Welcome to the Hospitality Law Georgia!

This website is home to many legal resources on hospitality laws and related decrees in the US, as well as the state of Georgia. Through this site, we hope to provide our readers with easy access to legal materials that they would need for their profession, education, research, or personal and business matters. We also provide our readers with news articles, journals, and other essential resource materials on various hospitality cases across the country.

What We Believe In

Hospitality laws intend to protect both the guests and the hosts of a place of business against injury, whether it’s intentional or accidental. The hospitality laws govern businesses in the travel, lodging, and food service industries.

While hospitality laws cover various types of businesses, restaurants and hotels are the most common places where legal issues happen. Thus, we put a high value on these businesses by focusing our collecting and archiving efforts on resources related to them.

In this site, we include a database for resources on food and safety regulations. Both restaurants and hotels deal with labor disputes, so we also have numerous articles on labor codes.

Who We Are

HospitalityLawG.com is composed of individuals who have a high regard for the law. We are a mix of lawyers, legal counsels, educators, and news researchers dedicated to providing the public with necessary legal information on hospitality issues. Through our collaborative work on this website, we’ll be able to inform and help our readers understand the complexities of hospitality laws.

To fulfill our goal, we stay updated for any alterations on existing laws and decrees as we ensure to provide our readers with relevant information at all times.

Whether you’re a law student, a professor, or a restaurant owner who needs relevant and updated legal materials on hospitality laws, HospitalityLawG.com can help you.