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3 Things You Must Do Immediately After an Accident

Man with neck pain and car accident in backgroundAccidents hurt; physically, emotionally, and financially. However, what could beat you, even more, is losing your fair compensation or even being liable and having serious allegations and charges leveled against you just because you didn’t know what to do immediately after the accident.

That’s why the below four-pointer list of the things to do immediately after a crash will be of great help.

Contact your lawyer

According to Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law, a personal injury attorney in Utah County, you should not wait until it’s too late and damage has already been done to your case. Calling your lawyer early will help them collect a considerable amount of evidence when things are still fresh.

It’s this evidence that will make the whole difference come the trial time. They will also advise you on the details you are to divulge at the moment, and to whom.

Stay on the scene

It’s a grave mistake to drive off from the accident scene. This is regardless of how minor the crash seems to be, says FindLaw. Instead, park on the roadside and secure the scene. Try to document the scene while it’s still fresh.

Take pictures and a video, if possible, of both vehicles and anything that you think might have caused the accident. Trying to leave the scene could culminate in charges pressed against you even if you were the one hit.

Call the police

Again, no matter how small and inconsequential the accident seems, never fail to call the police. The police will help calm and control things at the accident scene.

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They will also document the event and prepare the statement which will be of great benefit to you during the insurance compensation claim. Also, remember to take their details and ask them how you can get the copy of their statement.

After the accident, emotions fly high. There is confusion right, left, and center. But, it’s by trying to remain level-headed and exercising caution that will make the whole difference during the aftermath. This list should guide you on what to do and what to avoid to ensure that you win your case.